Friday, January 19, 2018

Top Home Trends for 2018

Hi, Internet people! Coming atcha today from a week-long trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Why, you ask? If you didn’t know, I have a wholesale account and buy product for a store in my hometown, called The Market.

Living the freelancer life has been a transition, and this little shop of mine is one way I spend my time. I feel lucky to do so! One thing I love about going to market is seeing what’s up and coming, and since I mostly buy gifts and home accessories, those are the trends I’m focusing on in this post.

1. Agate isn’t going anywhere
From end tables to coasters to slivers stacked on your shelves, I saw a lot of agate and crystals at market. They’re such a beautiful way to add something earthy in your home, in my opinion!

2. Mixed metals are huge
Similar to the earth-inspired gems, folks are going for all things flashy in mixed metals. While gold, rose gold and brass are still popular, chrome, matte black and iron are coming into the mix. Really, there’s not a metal that’s uncool these days, so.. good news for the metalworking industry! Ha!

Image via copycatchic
3. Maximalism is coming back, friends!
So, blame this trend on the showrooms jam-packed from floor to ceiling with product. But I have a feeling minimalism has for the most part run its course. Of course, there will always be that cool girl who truly likes clean, simple designs and somehow makes a blank white wall look perfectly styled (talking 'bout you, Karen!) But for the rest of us who like stuff, putting more stuff in your home is back on trend.

Me in a showroom at America's Mart Atlanta
4. Navy walls keep popping up
Blame it on Emily Henderson (or really thank Emily Henderson?!), but I’ve seen a lot of beautiful, navy accent walls lately. A local friend I follow on Instagram (@thisvintagegrove) just switched her living room curtains from white to navy, and I think that’s such a smart way to pick up on this trend without making a huge investment.

Image via Emily Henderson
5. Individuality is a cool thing
Whether it’s a monogram or a limited print run, consumers are going for unique designs. Some of these are one-of-a-kind, and some are collaborations between makers and shops (like Sunwoven for West Elm).

Image via West Elm
Are you thinking about incorporating any of these trends into your home this year? I'd love to hear! xo.

P.S. If you liked this post, share it with a friend! It could even be your mom or that one cashier who always checks you out at TJ Maxx. 💕


  1. AHHH! Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate that, but even more, I love that you like the curtain switch!!!

  2. I think it was a great move!! So cute. :)

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