Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I'm on a Podcast!

If you're reading this, Mom, I did it! Somebody asked me to be on a podcast!

If you're reading this and you're not my mom, my friends Shailey and Katie have a fantastic podcast called... (drumroll, please) Shailey and Katie! They're two business-owning, work-from-home moms who are laughing their way through parenthood, and they asked me to talk about my journey to self-employment (because I know nothing about parenthood 😂).

Click here if you want to hear me dish the deets on making the leap toward a full-time freelance career! While you're at it, just block off some time to listen to their other episodes because they're all so good.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Currently Wearing: Fall Potluck Overalls

So, you're telling me these overalls are named after one of my favorite seasonal activities?? Yes, yes they are. I recently got these "Fall Potluck Overalls" from Modcloth, and I thought the name was so stinkin' cute, I named my blog post after it.

Here's the deal: I'm caught somewhere in between yesssss, bring on fall potlucks and waiiiiiiit, I would really love the weather to stay warm so the leaves change just in time for my late October wedding. Bride brain, guys. It's a thing.

Since I feel like Modcloth just picked one of my favorite things and named this item of clothing after it, here's a few other name ideas they could have gone with:

  • fall bonfire overalls
  • pumpkin spice latte overalls (I mean... I had to.)
  • good grammar overalls
  • cute dog I saw walking down the street overalls

I don't know when the overall trend is going to die, but I hope never because I love it (says the girl who got engaged in a pair of overalls). Yes, I know this is a trend my future children will make fun of me for, but I don't care because the year is 2017 and the time is now. 

So I'm gonna wear the overalls! Are you??

Outfit details: overalls c/o Modcloth, shirt c/o Modcloth, similar shoes

Thursday, September 21, 2017

4 Key Ingredients that Make the Perfect PSL

Well, if you landed here expecting to find an actual recipe for a pumpkin spice latte, you've come to the wrong place. Sorry! But as many of you know, my friend Stephanie and I have just finished a long (and tasty) journey of trying every (OK, almost every) PSL in our hometown. After I shared this post, I had a few people ask me what were some common denominators for our favorite pumpkin spice lattes. Here they are!

1. Tastes Like Pumpkin
This may seem obvious, but I've found a lot of pumpkin spice lattes tend to taste more like "fall spice lattes" instead. While I love nutmeg, cinnamon and even vanilla, if I'm buying a drink where the first word is pumpkin... I want it to taste like pumpkin!

2. Tastes Like Coffee
That being said, I've had even more lattes that go overboard on the sweets, and the coffee flavor isn't as distinct. Personally, I love coffee (even black), so I'm not as into the super sweet lattes that completely mask the drink's main ingredient.

3. Is Instagrammable
Can ya blame me for this one? There's a reason the hashtag #pumpkinspice has been used over a million times on Instagram.

4. Is Served in a Nice Environment
Since I don't treat myself to a PSL every day (well, except for last week), when I do, I want to savor the experience as much as I do the drink! There's something really special about putting away all distractions over lunch or a coffee break and just thinking about and appreciating the flavors you're experiencing. I know that may sound silly, but it's one small way that I like to practice gratitude — more on that here. If you can appreciate a tiny thing like a lingering lunch break, you're setting yourself up for a more positive look on the big things, too.

BUT, if you did come here looking for a PSL recipe, here are a few that I want to try out:

Have a good Thursday! xo